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detex – CO Detection for Spray Towers

»We trust the innovative and safe solutions of GreyLogix.«

Dieter Geiken, Rücker GmbH / Aurich

The early fire detection system detex is used to detect thermal decomposition processes in the spray drying process. The objective is to detect a possible event early on before it turns into a potential danger for the process or, in the worst case, leads to a production stop.

An established method of detection is the monitoring of the drying processes of carbon monoxide (CO). Using the nondispersive infrared absorption (NDIR) enables to show a very small measuring range. This is necessary due to the very high air rarefaction in the process, so small traces of CO can still be detected reliably.

To meet these requirements, our detex is equipped with a duo-channel analysis model. The benefit: The absolute measured values of both the air intake and the exhaust air are available at any time. This way it is ensured that disturbing CO sources off the processes are detected fast. The intelligent control system eliminates these perturbing effects at the alarm evaluation.

The detex is equipped with the latest probe technology for measuring gas offtake to preferably keep the operating hours error-free and maintenance-free. The exhaust air probe meets the high hygienic requirements of the food industry with the choice of the filter material, the realization as an in-line filter and the usage of a special mounting flange. Due to the longtime experience of our process engineering department only selected components are used for the measuring gas treatment. The components stand out due to their high durability and due to their fast availability.

A huge challenge for early fire detection is the safe and reliable detection during continuous operation in a production plant. In detex there is an interval inspection of the analyzer dedicated to that. There is a system check at the beginning of a drying period which is repeated in set intervals.

Modern drying plants often have the possibility to dry different products. With a simple switch of recipes set parameters which are depending on the product are adjusted at the drying plant. The synchronism of the measured data acquisition in early fire detection is usually set to the main product, so a product change can cause a shift of gas runtime (air intake/exhaust). That is why detex has a modern measured data record and an analysis which allows to use the shift and guarantee a safe alarm evaluation.

The setup of the detex early fire detection is compact and easy to maintain.Essential for using the “standard” control cabinets is the feedback of our customers and our longtime experience in building control cabinets.A modern PLC and a touch panel in the control cabinet on site support detex with analyzing the measured data. The use of an UPS is of course included in the comprehensive package.

Our programmers’ rich experience is advantageous when creating and supporting the software. All parameters and thresholds can be adjusted individually for each case of application and they can be saved as recipes.


Die Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung in an interview with Olaf Literski


Special Features

  • duo-channel analyzer
  • detection of perturbing effects
  • cyclical functional test
  • leakage test included
  • hygienic probe technology
  • compact setup
  • easy to maintain

»We trust in the innovative and safe solutions of GreyLogix.«

»For our company in Aurich, I, as manager of electrical engineering, have the aspiration to keep our plants at the state of art. With the detex CO detection we have a solution which provides state of the art technology and offers a maximum availability and safety for our spray dryer. With this system, we have the opportunity to get the modernization of safety technology from a single source.
The company Bilfinger GreyLogix foodtec offers great solutions here.«

Dieter Geiken (Rücker GmbH – Aurich)