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detex Specifications

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  • standard control cabinet with front entrance (1200 x 500 x 2000 (mm) without base)
  • compact, easy to maintain setup
  • measuring gas treatment and analysis are carried out separately
  • direct integration into GreyLogix extinguishing system
  • duo-channel analyzer
  • analyzer supplier with worldwide service network
  • usage of standard analyzer without modification
  • electronical T90 time from analyzer < 10 seconds at 0..10 ppm
  • permanent measuring of intake air via IR detector (0..10 ppm abolute)
  • permanent measuring of exhaust air via IR detector (0..10 ppm abs.)
  • functional block program in analyzer monitors and controls the hardware
    • automatic check of measuring cells
    • automatic calibration of zero point
    • customized changes possible at all times
  • direct analysis via interface (absolute intake air/absolute exhaust air/delta CO/status message and malfunction report)
  • open interface system (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, 4..20 mA standard)
  • Profinet connection as standard interface
  • Various settings of the production plant can be considered without any adjustments of the measuring gas treatment.
  • hygienic measuring gas offtake via in-line filter
  • safe transport of measuring gas to analyzer via impermeable measuring gas pipe
  • automatic cyclic functional test (suitable for continuous operation)
    • leakage test of measuring gas pipe
    • automatic calibration of the analyzer
    • handshake and watch dog signals for permanent testing of communication
  • UPS system standard
  • extension to up to 4 measuring points at no extra cost
  • leakage test included

Special Features

  • duo-channel analyzer
  • detection of perturbing effects
  • cyclical functional test
  • leakage test included
  • hygienic probe technology
  • compact setup
  • easy to maintain


Die Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung in an interview with Olaf Literski