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Luxury & Basic Foods

In order to achieve the highest quality with the most efficient use of resources, all relevant processes during production — from resource reception to the finalization of the product — need to work together smoothly.

As a longstanding partner in the food industry, we are both familiar with the individual processes and create the most suitable and system-independent solutions. Our services include new constructions, modernizations, and extensions, and they can be applied to individual processing plants or the complete production automation. This means you are getting maximum productivity with consistently high product quality — reliably and securely.

Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate, Starch, Yeast, Oil, Greases, Salt, Flavorings, Alcohol, Spray tower, Spray drying, Evaporator, Vaporizer, Constructive explosion protection, Preventive explosion protection, Explosion protection documents, Fire extinguishing system, Safety technology

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