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Our Retrofit Deliverables – Improvement Times Three

For projects with the spray tower technology our modernization measures are structured in three sections: By using the latest technology we achieve improvements which will make the future plant operation even more efficient and safer. For the modernization there is a team of planners, technicians and engineers on hand for you to update your plant to the latest state of the art.

With the help of the spray drying the liquid concentrates are processed into a dry and durable powder.
As reliable partner for construction, optimization and maintenance of plants of spray drying we accompany you throughout the whole life cycle of your plant. With our longtime experience we make sure that your plant is always up-to-date with the latest state of the art in terms of technology and that it conforms to all legal regulations. Other than with new building it is the modernization of existing plants where we have proven successful in the dairy industry. Using the latest technology and our experiences in the field of process automation we optimize your spray tower technology in different areas, among others those areas are:

  • process safety
  • reliability
  • transparency at data collection
  • energy efficiency
  • assuring spare parts supply
  • detection of faults


In the area of optimizing the spray tower processes we offer different services.These are, among others:

  • The process analysis of bacteriological results and the elaboration of measures for improving the cleaning efficiency.
  • The implementation and optimization of process regulations to improve profitability. This includes increasing the production volume and decreasing the need for cleaning incl. saving energy and other media.
  • A cooling system for the spraying tower with separate spray nozzles protecting against unwanted activation of the extinguishing system when there is a process-related temperature rise.


Before we implement a new concept for the safety technology, we carry out an analysis first to check the standard according to VDI 2263, ATEX directive, DIN VDE 100 and the machine directive (2006/42/EG). Afterwards, we integrate a state of the art solution which focuses on the safety of employees and technology. Of course our concepts comply with the requirements of the Liability Insurance Association and the European standards.


Considering the plant availability, energy efficiency and an assured spare part supply we provide the necessary process safety with a stable product quality by exchanging or by extension of existing electrical engineering and instrumentation and control (I&C).The traceability and transparency of process and operational data are guaranteed by conclusive and system-independent software concepts according to legal requirements.

Especially the modernization of existing plants is our specialty. With our latest process automation and current control technology resp. control cabinet technology we achieve a number of improvements for your spray towers, among others:

  • more process safety
  • higher transparency at data collection
  • improved fault detection
  • secure spare parts supply
  • high reliability
  • increased energy efficiency
  • working in accordance with standards and regulations