Gas Storage Facilities ENG

Gas Storage Facilities

Underground storage fields are constructed by leaching caverns in salt domes. This is the best way to store natural gas. The gas is injected into the underground caverns under high pressure and when needed, it is filtered, dehydrated, and delivered back into the grid. Each storage field consists of multiple caverns, which have above- and underground components. We provide the control technology for automating surface facilities.

More and more companies invest in the complete automation of their natural gas storage fields to be able to perform an increasing number of multi-cyclical operations securely. Over the years, we have equipped many cavern storage stations — from the storage fields in Kraak and Krummhörn to Friedeburg (currently under construction) and Peckensen as well as Etzel II and III — with our extensive knowledge in process engineering. We usually deliver not only the station control technology but also more elements from our electronics package. This includes emergency shutdown systems, instrumentation, fire and gas detection, UPS, low-voltage switchgear systems, or emergency diesel generators. The core of our services, however, still is the complete automation of the entire surface facility based on the control system SIMATIC PCS 7.

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