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Gas Transport

In every natural gas transportation station, there is a highly complex plant comprised of station piping and machinery, which serves as a central node in the network, thus placing enormous demands on automation and control technologies.

In addition to automating new plants, we excel in migrating existing plant equipment to bring these control systems up to speed with the latest state of the art technology. We develop the technology for both individual I&C systems for compressors and the complete station control systems. Our in-depth process know-how allows us to replace so-called black-box components, e.g., complete, stand-alone unit controllers for gas turbines and compressors, with standardized control software based on established control systems (PCS 7, ABB 800xA), thereby creating the advantage of a fully integrated control system without unnecessary interfaces. Owing to the potential for serious risks, we engineer our systems not only with reliable operation, but also with maximum safety in mind. That is why our certifications according to ISO 9001 and SCC are just as important as our PCS 7 and Safety Specialist certificates. Moreover, the key principles of accountability, leadership, and participation for construction activities are fully embedded in our intensive HSE management.

Compressor stations, High pressure networks, GPR(M) stations, Gas pressure regulating stations, Compressor stations, Gas transfer stations, Metering and pressure regulating stations, Automation stations, Control stations, Gas turbines, Gas motors, Variable-frequency drives (VFD), HIPPS