Gas Turbines, Engines, and Compressors ENG

Gas Turbines, Engines, and Compressors

In our view, the best solutions always arise from a combination of engineered-to-order hardware and software and our library of standardized fuel gas/turbine/modular controls. At the same time, top priority is given to the optimization of economic efficiency, safety, and reliability. Particularly for retrofit solutions, the HMI system, sequences, and logic of all auxiliary equipment as well as the control and safety of the connected processes remain based on the details of the previous system. Our engineering experience confirms that every machine installation is unique and deserves special attention, even concerning machinery of similar construction and type.

Retrofitting of control technologies, Modular I&C systems, Unit control panels (UCP), Turbo compressors, Anti-surge compressor control, Piston compressors

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