Control cabinet maintenance ENG

Benefit from the high expertise of our qualified specialists

For the optimal and regular maintenance and prevention of potential disturbances and failures of your plant, we perform maintenance tasks on your plant at least once a year. Depending on the type and degree of contamination of the systems to be maintained, it is also possible to agree on individual maintenance intervals.

Our qualified electricians, which are continuously trained through internal and external courses (e.g. by TÜV) will take care of the maintenance works for you – that way, you will always have a competent partner by your side.

The performed inspection and maintenance works will be recorded in an inspection report and sent to you digitally or in written form upon request.

Information Technology Installations

  • Cleaning and inspection of server-clients
  • Exchange or cleaning of air filter & filter mats
  • Inspection of network switches
  • Inspection of printers and monitors

Electrotechnical Equipment

  • Visual inspection followed by preliminary/fine cleaning of the switchboard
  • Replacement of filter mats
  • Inspection of the potential equalization (PE) between the switchgear assembly and the PE system
  • Trend measurement of harmonic waves in electrical plants
  • Inspection of screw connections in de-energized state
  • Thermal imaging of switchgear systems and actuators

Control System Equipment

  • Exchange of CPU buffer batteries (as from the second year every two years)
  • Profibus DP analysis including evaluation as preventive measure
  • Visual inspection of electrical measuring and control technology systems
  • Function and signal test of electrical measuring and control technology systems
  • Calibration of electrical measuring and control technology systems with and without control system