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Slide Regular maintenance of your IT systems is indispensable. Our IT experts are happy to take on this task for you! Proactive pays off: avoid expensive downtimes & attacks IT MAINTENANCE

Maintenance & IT System Service

An IT system without maintenance is like driving a car at night without its headlights on: you never know what is coming. Our IT experts will not leave you in the dark and make sure that you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises. Thus, maintenance should be carried out regularly – we recommend quarterly maintenance. When the maintenance works are concluded, you receive a transparent evaluation of the results.

Complete IT maintenance comprises several measures to cover all IT components, e.g. server/client systems, routers/switches as well as storage systems and printers. To prevent unplanned failures or attacks via security breaches, IT maintenance measures are absolutely necessary especially for components of critical infrastructure.

Measures include for example:

  • Performance of backups, virus scans, (firmware) updates, disk cleanup
  • Inspection of system hardening, time synchronization, system log files, licences used
  • RAM usage, space on hard drives
  • Documentation of works performed (with recommendations where appropriate)

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