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Secure remote access

Secure remote access via DMZ decoupling

  • VPN Frontend Firewall: Filtering of incoming and outgoing data traffic
  • RDP Gateway: the accessed computer is isolated from the plant network; extended authentication with different authorization levels is possible
  • Data Security Gateway: for secure data transmission with virus scanner (updated daily)
  • Backend Firewall: scontrols the incoming and outgoing data traffic
  • DMZ: de-militarized zone separates the external and internal network; easily expandable for additional communication types (e.g., OPC)
  • Physical or virtualized systems

What advantages does our remote access offer?

  • Secure remote access to the plant from offices or home office
  • Ideal for critical infrastructures (KRITIS) through high degree of isolation
  • Remote support and maintenance
  • Unauthorized access is prevented by two-factor authentication
  • Simple user management