Ticket system ENG

Bilfinger GreyLogix Ticketsystem

What are the advantages of a ticket system?

  • Registration and processing of customer inquires via the system
  • Free setup
  • Reduction of administrative efforts on both sides
  • Secure processing of many smaller tasks
  • Inquires via e-mail or online portal
  • History of all inquiries, no information loss

Reduce your administrative burden for small and micro projects

Our experience shows that our customers’ plants usually grow in small steps and that major changes only take place every five years. To meet this requirement, we offer a free ticket system to our customers. With this system in place, small, non-critical faults can be delegated to Bilfinger GreyLogix with very little administrative work. Most of our customers use this service for predictable tasks that usually take less than three working hours. These are generally small program changes, non-critical faults, or IT settings.

Advantages of this Platform

All inquires are recorded systematically by a central contact in our ticket system. All tickets will be forwarded accordingly, controlled, and definitely processed , even in holiday periods or in the event of illness. Each client is assigned to defined teams at Bilfinger GreyLogix, which will be informed about every customer inquiry. They can view the inquiry as well as the current degree of completion. The current status of an inquiry can be seen in our web portal, where respective questions can be asked and will be answered. A complete history is available for every inquiry and no information will be lost.